Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I miss

Things I miss from America, that are either hard to find or nonexistent here:

Carbonated red bull
Greek food, including an abundance of Feta cheese
Being able to use slang wherever I go
Using googlemaps to find where I am
Nintendo wii
Fast, stable internet connection
Electricity not randomly getting shut off by the city
Temperature fluctuations
Driving a car
Empty supermarkets at 8pm- ive actually never found a time when the supermarket isnt swarmed with people.
Quieter neighborhoods
Grilled burgers, hot dogs, and shiskabob
TV stations like comedy central
Being able to watch any TV show online
Greater variety of music, movies, books
Black pens - they all seem to be blue here
Wearing shoes indoors - not that i ever really did
Hiking in the woods
Homemade apple pies, cookies, etc.
Orthodox churches
Driving a car
Trash being put in trashbarrels, not just thrown in the street
Printing things in my own house
Philosophical discussions!


Jackie said...

What I Miss:


Come home NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Ben Lee said...

I do believe philosophical discussions and pumpkins are mine!

mrlucky said...

poignant, makes me ponder what I would miss from home— probably a good micro brew IPA......

A tantalizing list, thanks for tweaking the ruminative side of life.

Petros said...

Ah! I forgot to mention my "problem of consciousness" beers. I wonder if they are still good to drink?

xvxsariexvx said...

LOL-- "driving a car" twice! :P

see u soon! :DDD

<3 sarie